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IM sure you are aware that the evenings are about 5 mins longer after the 23 dec .

just looking forward to the spring and all that F&F stuff what are your projects this year ...goals and aspirations ...

for your cars that is

looking forward to a massive 04 guys

hope yours will be great too


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I too am looking forward to 2004.
Car leaves me on Jan 3rd for gearbox rebuild, new suspension, cams, injectors, power fc etc and hopefully another 100 bhp.
Also am hoping to get another set of wheels and therefore have slicks as well as road tyres.
I am trying to change my focus from shows and meets to track days as well (baffled sump going in) and use the car properly.
If all goes well a try at TOTB3 would be nice (although I have no chance against the other GTR's) but i would be good to at least compete properly.
I have never tried the top end of the car as the 4th/5th change has always crunched so looking forward to seeing what the car will really do in 2004.
Also the back suspension has deteriorated in the last 8 weeks to the point of being very lairy at times so looking forward to having the excellent handling back.
Lastly, aiming to attend more shows with skylineowners as I always have the choice of GTROC/skylineowners/200plus and usually 200plus wins.

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year to you all.

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Not doing much in 2004 to the car as will still be on warranty and don't want to void it. Will however be replacing the broken boost controller, hopefully buying new wheels and tyres, and giving it a fresh oil change either in January or February. Also needs a new clutch so will sort that.
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