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OK probably not much chance on here but i will offer on here before advertising else where. I'm selling my Honda Civic Sport (the face lift version) to make way on the drive for the skyline.
It is the very nice Nighthawk Black, on a 54 plate with standard 16" alloys, type r body kit etc. Will include the Civic mats and Honda Shoulder pads if required at no extra charge.
I have just fitted brand new EBC brakes to the front. There is good tread on all four tyres, locking wheel nuts on all four wheels.
This car is listed at 108bhp and if you drive normally it will return 37-43mpg, enjoy it and you will get 29-33mpg. Just for a laugh once i did a few miles in grandad mode and got 51mpg! Lol, don't expect that though.
The car is insurance group 6.
It has just recently been MOT'd and Serviced knowing i'm going to sell it.

The car currently clocks 21,000 miles is in very good condition how ever i will be very honest here and list everything i can find. There is a very small pin dent in the drivers door, probably from someones door opening into it. A light scratch on the same side probably from someone brushing past it, i will try my hardest to polish these out. One very tiny chip on the passenger side rear alloy from hitting the kerb when i had to serve to avoid hitting some twat in an X5 coming tearing round the corner at me. A small stone chip in the windscreen.
I am being anal about all those details as i am honest and will not hide ANYTHING.

Price: £8,800 ONO

Photos will follow as soon as it's actually nice to take some! :cheers:
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