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Up for sale is a massive spec Supra show car. It is a beautiful Bayside blue with custom hand stitch blue leather/ alcantara interior.
The spec is massive!
here is a list below!

Starting on the interior -
Black Leather and Blue Alcantara front and back seats
Blue Alcantara roof lining
Kenwood touch screen DVD and CD player
Black Blue dash
Powder Blue Isotto Steering wheel and Gear Knob with blue alcantara gaitors
Momo handbrake cover with blue alcantara gaitor
Black carpet and mats
Tachometer with shift light (in blue ofcourse!!)
Blue Light Dash and interior conversion
Chrome Door seal plates with Supra logo
Spec on the car is fully loaded as standard

On the engine bay -
GREDDY T88 Turbo
50mm wastegate
880cc injectors
Fuel Pressure Regulator with guage
Oil Pressure Guage with dial
360 Dump Valve
4 core 100mm Front Mount Intercooler
Irridium Plugs IK24
Spit Fire coil towers
Uprated Head gasket
New Cam and Alt belt
Custom made pipework in 316 Marine Stainless Steel
Link Engine management System (this also controls the boost via silver dial on dash)
There are also switches on the dash for race map on race fuel and road map the link has back up maps for all the different boost levels for both maps
7.5 bar map sensor
Twin Waldro Fuel Pumps
Full braided fuel lines front to back
Twin Electric Fans Controlled by Kenlow controller
Oil Catch Can
Breather Catch Can (Radiator)
K&N 8" long Air Filter
3.5" Straight Through exhaust with 6" end can
Polished Inlet manifold, Cam covers, Radiator top Hose, Power Steering pump
Aluminium Pullies
Blue Silicone hoses
6 Speed Manual with RPS Carbon Carbon clutch which as of this min has done a genuine 274miles.
Speed odo reads 55000 kilometers so also a low milage car

External Looks and features -
Stock Bilsein Suspension with HKS Springs
18" Alloy Wheels
UK Spec front brakes
UK Spec rear Brakes
Braided Lines all round
Ariel is built into the back heater on window
Bumper C-West
TRD Rear Spoiler
Sideskirts and spats are OEM
Rear Bumper has Supra cut out which is the fog light
Front Glass headlights with Blue and Chrome interior
Rear Headlights Blue backing
Clear side indicators
Paint work - Bayside Blue (BMW Blue), Cyan Purple, High Density Spectra Flare.

It also comes with a Cat 1 Autowatch alarm/ immobilizer with certificate!

Not only is this car stunning but it is also very very quick - here are the BHP figures from a recent rolling road
600bhp @ 1.5 bar
637bhp @ 1.6 bar
640bhp @ 1.7 bar
680bhp @ 1.8 bar 6100 rpm.
The torque figure at 680whp was 567ftlb

It is MOT ed until march 2008 and is taxed.
It comes with a huge amount of service history.

This is a truely stunning show car that turns heads everywhere it goes.
Please dont hesitate to call if you want any more info


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mmmm if this is still up for grabs in a month, I'll be rather tempted to put this on the drive with the r33.

always wanted a high power Supra to complement the Skyline (and when one breaks always got the other lol)

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this car has all the right bits and I would be very tempted but one question....Does the motor have drop forged pistons etc ??? Only I'm a bit concerned that if it hasn't the stock internals wouldn't quite handle that kinda power.....

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General experience tells me Supra blocks are bullet proof compared to skylines. My R33 blow up twice, and thats only running 500bhp.

We've seen supras running 850bhp on stock internals running 10s 1/4 miles. and still running today!

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Just find out that it only has stock internal, but have seen some running over 750 bhp on stock internal with no issues.

if you are interested, call me and i will put you in touch with the seller



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pretty sure supras come standard with a forged crank and rods if memory serves me correct...was looking at getting one about 5 years ago and did a load of research on them...forgot a lot now mind, but i know something in the bottom end is forged as standard

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I had a modified Supra until about 4 months ago and am looking for a car around 600-700 BHP, The reason I sold my last Supra was because I felt after talking to Chris Wilson that my car shouldn't really be running anymore than 600 BHP on stock internals and I take his words as being good advice as he is one of the top UK Supra tuners.
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