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72" Carbon wing

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Guys i am having a sort out of some nice odds and sods at the workshop

heres one of them

its a 72" carbon wing will need stansions for it but thats easy enough to sort from an old GT wing

here it is

would look fab on a GTT to gtr conversion ....

cheers Gaz
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more pics please
This is a pucker racing wing from the USA not some ol Halfords tosh lads

balloo look at the carbon weave does it look cheep :)

asking £250 for the blade collection essential

will get some pics up later full of a shitty cold at the moment

cheers Gaz
C,mon some one must want this awesome item !! make a reasonable offer or it will go on ebay at the weekend

please no kidneys or silly offers lol

cheers Gaz
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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