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Hey guys I've searched and searched the forums for some insight on this issue. So I'll be as descriptive as possible.

A few weeks ago my gas gauge stopped functioning, didnt think anything of it. Week later I got into boost in 2nd gear, and at 5I rpms it lost all power for about 3-5 seconds and then continued through the rev range. This was a repeatable thing at 5k rpm in 2nd gear and repeatable at 6k in 3rd gear. I pulled into a gas station and filled it up, it only took around 5 gallons and the issue went away, fast forward 2 days and I was hitting a corner pretty aggressive and in the Apex of the corner it did the cut/hesitation. I did the thing where you check the ecu and I got code 55 (no malfunction) heres a few things I've considered could be the problem.

Weak fuel pump
Failing Fuel pressure regulator
Clogged injector
Dirty or failing maf
Or just some sort of extreme sloshing issue.

Any advice would be helpful thank you.
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