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As i have no license untill january next year i am selling the GTS.

it is a 1994 gunmetal grey GTS 25T TypeM
69000 KMS
HKS induction kit
HKS plugs
after market Exhaust possibly HKS have to check
Blits BOV
GReedy Boost gague
Dual Turbo timer
Sports Steering wheel
strut brace
very tidy interior
After Market front spoiler and rear wing
slight damage to front spoiler (getting sorted) getting nismo replacement from darkstar (gary)
sweet runner
having MOT and a full service and overhaul on monday

really is a great car and i dont want it to go, but i can not drive it untill january next year. so it has got to go.
i have advertised elswhere for £9500
but for anyone on the forum i will sell it for £8500 that is the absoloute lowest i can go.
had to add to the price due to new front spoiler. will sell for £8000 to a forum member without new spoiler

will post pics tommorow.


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pics added:)
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