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My Skyline... unsure what to do with it....poss for sale,
here's why....

My gorgeous Black 94 Auto M Spec GTS-t

Stainless mesh Air intake
Clifford 650 alarm
GTR fuel pump
Complete GTR interior
GTR front and rear strut braces
Enkei rp02 x 17's wheels and new Falkens 452's all round 245 front 255 rear
clear lighted rear panel
HKS 3.5" down pipe stainless
3.5 NISMO stainless exhaust, great sound at speed, bassy around town.
Cat back stainless
Big brake kit on front
Red stuffs allround
Knight racer "limited" Vented bonnet, very cool, everyone loves it.
SAFC1 controller
BeeR rev limiter...and flame producer
Greddy profec II Boost controller
Auto meter Boost gauge
Auto meter black out A/F meter
All blue LED Bulbs in clocks and A/C and clock covers and all switchs
XS Power 4" FMIC Drrift spec.....not yet fitted
Nismo Rear Spats
Nismo Nose splitter
MOMO Monza Steering wheel
HID headlights..very bright and legal spec
LED indicators
Nismo Smoked removable rear window panel, RARE
Nismo Smoked side indicator covers

Akai CD player with 6x9 Sony speakers in rear stock up front...good sound

Lots more when i think of em.

Now the Bad was fast and around 320 HP...but in my stupidity i fitted a Z32 AFM and never mapped it and leaned the motor out and stuffed a piston or two, still to check.

Motor still runs but smokes like a demon.:devil:

Everything works and all silly probs like rear light misting up and boot leaks fixed.

So it needs a motor or rebuild.... up to you but has got loads of potential, with lots done already.
A motor complete will set you back £1000 or a rebuild depending on what you do ??

I want £5250 for the car and will not break her,

... so for a little work you could have a Stage 1 and a bit car for £ 6k might seem dear at first but price up the mods and see

PM me if interested. Thanks


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Btw Steve, I don't think your engines blown at all. I notice you listen to 'Chiltern FM', Graham Torringtons Late Night Love has merely caused your car to commit suicide :D

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Andy , i will...just looking for the easy option, the motor is now ready to come out, will be in touch

G.B. excellent :rofl: :rofl:
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