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Howdy, all.

Recently purchased an R33 from a Importer in Washington. I was able to get it shipped to Texas. Thanks for the add and here are some pics
50,xxx miles
No rush to do x,y and z to it. Just taking in all of the information and learning along the way.

A couple of things I've already "fixed":
  • Leak in the trunk along the seams
  • Headlight condensation. Had to remove the front bumper partially to get to the two screws holding the headlight in. Then epoxy on the plastic housing since there was a dime size hole.
  • JDM/USDM license plate bracket
  • Trunk shocks were blown. Picked up some shocks for a Ford Taurus and looking to install those. (Searched on YouTube and the fix seems pretty simple).
  • Putting in new radio / backup cam. Though I LOVE the stock radio and cassette tape player so no rush to do that either
IG: @bryan.skyline is where I usually post anything about the car.

Thank you :)




1 - 5 of 5 Posts