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Alright im not too experienced but had a more inclined friend at the time so most of this is his diagnosis.

First of all a few weeks ago I was driving along and heard a rattling noise that sounded like rattling in the exhaust, it got louder with throttle and over time. I quickly pulled over and found my top rad hose had split right open. The car also died but I think I just forgot to put the clutch in I honestly don't remember. The temp guage didn't go above halfway.

I replaced the hose and the coolant (which was filthy I only just bought the car) After talking to a mate we decided that the rad cap wasn't working cause when we bled the rad nothing moved in the overflow, and the pressure probably caused the hose to split.

So then we took it for a test drive, was going fine for about half an hour before the temp guage went over halfway so we pulled over immediately. There were a few bubbles in the coolant and it was gushing out the top of the overflow. We let it cool, refilled and drove another 45 minutes home and the temp guage was just below halfway. It did seem to go up a bit when going with no throttle so I pumped it on the way home to keep the fan going(no idea if this worked) and also no air con (the heater has been removed but both times bad stuff happend I had the fans on)

After the first overheat it didn't seem to have lost any coolant. So we reckon it's either head gasket (oil wasn't milky and spark plugs were all right though) or something to do with the heater core letting gas in the coolant. Also the rattle never reappeared.

Sorry for the long post just wanted to get all the details im not too experienced but want to do the work myself/ try to learn this stuff cheers.
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