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Hi All,

I have decided to put my car up for sale. As its a third car it spends most of its time in the garage.......

The car is a '96 facelift model, which means it has twin air bags, new front end and lights and a newer interior cloth. It has covered 48k miles and had a complete service about a month ago.

The engine on the car is as it was when i bought it, the only mods are a full system including de-cat ( original inc ) with a Kakimoto 4 1/2 exhaust, trust air filter, a blitz boost controller, and an Impul racing ECU ( improves fuelling and ignition )

Externally the car has been treated to a genuine Nissan aftermarket front bumper and rear bootlid cover ( original inc ), 17" alloys, and a GAB coilover suspension kit.

It has all electrics, climate, a Cat1 alarm/immob.

The car is in mint condition and recently went on the rollers just to see what it was making.

It made 253bhp AT THE WHEELS

I am looking for sensible offers.

The car currently has a "SKY" plate on it which is not included in the price, but i will enter into negotiations for it.

You can see pictures here

And you can mail me during the day [email protected]

Or ini the evening at [email protected].

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