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A 8EUT For Sale

I hate to say this, (and possibly do this) but the time may have come for me to look at moving on and selling my pride and joy A BEUT. For those of you who know me and have followed BEUT’s trials and tribulations for 9 wonderful years of Skyline GT-R ownership you will know that the car has been meticulously maintained regardless of cost, time and effort and is one of the quickest road/track cars out there. She can and does show a clean pair of heels to a Porsche 911 GT3 RS (the car that other manufacturers compare all “performance” cars against) and has been doing so on many occasions this year and every year! She also makes mince meat out of the usual suspects, the Evo, Scooby, Cossie and M3 brigade and has even taken on and thrashed a new Aston Martin DB9 and Merc AMG

Her Full HKS Steel bottom end engine was built by Gary at GT Art as was the Head with Gas flowed, Ported and Bronze Guides with Multi Angle Valve Seats and an F Con V Pro was fitted for engine management less than10,000 miles ago. As the engine was out of the car at the time the gearbox also came out and was totally overhauled and strengthened and a NISMO short shift selector kit was fitted.
I wish I had fitted this a long time ago, as much crisper gear changes.

The Turbines were upgraded and uprated to 2535’s, as they hold onto the boost longer and give more power than 2530’s, as were the camshafts, 264 inlet / 272 exhaust.

Two HKS fast flow fuel pumps, HKS high pressure oil pump, 8 ltr baffled oil sump, HKS Twin Plate Clutch etc etc etc were also fitted. All done predominantly for track use, but with a user friendly approach to use on the road. See full spec included.

The final top end tuning, suspension and dyno work, corner weighting & track/road set up, has been completed by our friends at Abbey Motor sport, which also include Greddy Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge, Greddy EGT Gauge, Greddy 2.0 Bar Turbo Boost Gauge, Greddy Twin Pillar Pod, APEXI F.C. R.S.M Monitor for full engine performance observation and protection, as well as hours of Dyno work/time to map her to perfection. Early boost is achieved at around 3500rpm and could be used all the way up to a red line now set at 8250rpm. (I have never gone above 7000rpm even when on circuit) You don’t need to !!

She is performing well within the safety envelope of a modified car because I explained to GT-Art and Abbey that I wanted longevity and reliability of out of the very expensive engine. I estimate her to be within 70% of her full engine potential. She has never been dragged as she has been developed for track use and is not a drag car.

She has a set of KAD 6 Pot Brake as stoppers and these work extremely well under road use or heavy circuit breaking without fade. These are running Mintex 1155 fast Road / Race Pads as advised by Collin at KAD. I have used Ferrodo DS 3000 and 2500 and have had to replace the front disks in the past. Hence a new set of front disk’s fitted to the car and also new Mintex 1155 Pads all round, in September this year.

The car will come with £3,500-00 worth of 19” Image 3 Piece Spilt Rim Alloys with 275 x 35 x 19 Toyo T1R’s and a set of 17” standard, recently refurbish in gloss Black (track) Wheels, 255 x 45 x 17 shod with a set of Toyo R888 (Road Legal Track tyres) ALL TYRES ARE BRAND NEW and the R888’s have had only one day’s use at Snetterton on the 19th October. Oh and Ray’s Red lightweight wheel nuts!

She has TEIN Flex Fully Adjustable Suspension with the EDFC so alterations can be made from the driver’s seat whilst on the road or track. She is also lowered by 30mm all round and has WHITELINE Adjustable Heavy Duty Anti Roll Bars, front & back
and CUSCO Adjustable Upper and Lower Arms.

I have even had a Heavy Duty Battery and Battery Tray Fitted and she was fully undersealed by Middlehurst Nissan in September this year.

She has a Large Bore HKS Hi-Power “Silent” Stainless Steel Exhaust system complete from the manifold down a fitted which will never need to be replaced and also will allow you to get onto any circuit in the UK, again a cost that I made so that I could use the car to it’s full potential out on track as we are getting hit by the tree hugging noise brigade!

I have fitted a Driver & Passenger 4 Point Harnesses + Fire Extinguisher.

She has a Tracker Retrieve AND A Tracker Monitor fitted (April this year) + Laser Line CAT 1, Full Enclosure Alarm and Immobiliser system.

Also fitted is an Alpine head unit and a 6 disc remote multi changer system fitted in the boot of the car, but nothing compares to the tunes she plays with induction and exhaust note!

I have tried to list most of the modification and changes to A BEUT, however, I dare say there are some that I have missed and nothing which will compare to the time, patience, and cost, sometimes hassle of getting a car like this to perfection.

One thing to note is that other than the front Du Luck Bumper fitted to allow cool air ducting to the front brakes and a “tilted” carbon Fibre Bonnet to allow for extra cooling, the cars bodywork is standard. No big pretentious wings or skirts.
Just good ol clean functional aerodynamics from the wind tunnel that Nissan would have used to get the maximum air flow over the car and down force.

The car is set up with some negative camber for track use and handles exceptionally well. She has kept me entertained for 9 years, the longest I have ever owned a single car for. In fact my insurance broker thought at one stage that I was a second hand car salesman because I went through two or three cars a year as I became “bored” with them. The Skyline GT-R is the only car that has kept me fully entertained and enthused for a time longer than 2 years !!

This car is regularly treated with Auto Glym wax, polished and Auto Glym glass treatment and always has a full valet carried out by myself (and by this I mean door shuts, boot, bonnet, fuel filer opening, engine bay clean etc) before and after EVERY track day.

Also, most importantly she has a £75 oil change (£60 for Oil and £10 for filter) after every track day. She is ALWAYS warmed up and cooled down before and after every session / drive or just for the shear thrill of hearing her!


She has a new MOT till the end of August 2008 and is taxed until end of July 2008.
And NO, the number plate is not included!

I love this car and as I say I will miss her, but there is a new GTR coming and I must take this opportunity to look forward.

If there is any further information you require please PM me or contact me on
07800 021 620.

No wanna be Hamilton’s, adrenalin jocks, base ball cap wearing chave need apply.

Only people with serious aspirations of owning one of the best looking, clean and well kept Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V Spec cars in the best colour of Terrian (Midnight) Purple and a minimum of £26k need apply to buy.

Full HKS Steel 2.600cc Engine

HKS Lightened and Balanced Steel Crankshaft
HKS Oversized Pistons (87mm)
HKS Steel Con Rods
JUN Cams (264 inlet / 272 exhaust)
GT Art Gas flowed, ported and modified Head, with Bronze Guides with Multi Angle Valve Seats
Twin 25/35 Steel Turbo’s
HKS Hard Pipe Kit
HKS Down Pipes
HKS Hard Pipe Kit (Replace AFM’s)
6 X 720cc Injectors
6 X Iridium Racing Spark Plugs
Twin NISMO 285ltr per hour Fuel Pumps
HKS “Big” Intercooler
De-Cat “Baffle” Box
8ltr High Capacity Baffled Oil Sump
HSK High Pressure Oil Pump
HKS Oil Cooler Kit
GT Art Oil Catchment Tank
HKS Twin Plate Steel Clutch
NISMO Close Ratio Short Shift Gear box

HKS F.Con V Pro Engine Management System
HKS F.Con V Pro Wiring Loom
HKS AVC Boost Controller

Greddy Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge
Greddy EGT Gauge
Greddy 2.0 Bar Turbo Boost Gauge
Greddy Twin Pillar Pod
APEXI F.C. R.S.M Monitor

AP 6 Pot Brake Up-Grade. Ferrodo DS 2500 Road / Race Pads
19” Image 3 Piece Spilt Rim Alloys with 275/35 x 19 Toyo T1R’s
17” Standard Wheels 255 x 45 x 17 Toyo R888 (Rd legal Track tyres)
Carbon Fiber Bonnet fitted for Strength and Rigidity
Do-Luck Front Bumper to allow Air to Brakes
TEIN Flex Fully Adjustable (EDFC) Suspension Lowered by 30mm
WHITELINE Adjustable Heavy Duty Anti Roll Bars, Front & Back
CUSCO Adjustable Upper and Lower Arms
Large Bore HKS Hi-Power Silent Stainless Steel Exhaust
Heavy Duty Battery and Battery Tray Fitted
Driver & Passenger 4 Point Harnesses + Fire Extinguisher

STANDARD POWER!!! (Until “funny” button pressed!!)

Hence everything for the Road / Track
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