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A/C, demister switch, blue leds!

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going to get led's tommorow for my hazard switch, rear heated screen switch and amy aircon display, have got the sizes no problems, just confused as to have clear or diffused leds? anyone shed a bit of light, had a look at a few former threads but cant find what im after.
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I put Blue leds in mine.. They were diffused i think, Spreads the light more....

Think i got them from here.... Or but the sites not there..
Whats the difference between the 2?!
did you have to put a gel to change the display or did changing the leds do the job?
Whats the difference between the 2?!
i think all the difference is, is that diffused has a more even light distribution..
Nope.. Didn't need to gel.. it was bright blue, lol...

Diffused LEDS scatter and spread the light..
thank you :D did you do your clock aswell?
I cant remember.. I think it was a different bulb? I can find out for you tomorrow as its in the garage
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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