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Clearing out my garage and I've still got a few 200sx bits lying around, I know there's a few SX owners on here so figured I'd make them available before they get skipped as they're no use to me now and it's be a shame to see them binned as they're perfectly good parts. :)

pics of everything available on request.

I've got S14(a) leather interior (comprising of 2 front seats and the back seats, maybe door cards too I'll have to check). These can be made to fit S13's very easily.
In black, in very good condition. Drivers seat has a tiny bit of wear on the bolster but it's underneath where it sticks out (if that makes sense) so it's not really noticable. I'll get some piccies later of that.
120 quid ono for that, pickup preferred due to size and weight, but if you want to arrange a courier etc you're welcome to.

S14 / SR20 Decat pipe.
Exhaust decat pipe for S14, the bracket which joins it to the gearbox (if memory serves) might be slightly bent but it will easily go back into shape (just 2 strips of metal and a bolt hole so nothing a hammer won't sort).
yours for 40 quid plus P&P.

Bailey Dump valve
polished finish, comes with elbow and silicone samco (blue) and works perfectly.
30 quid plus P&P.

Standard S14 ECU (SR20DET, manual)
20 quid plus P&P.

I've also got a set of 5 stud hubs, which I can't really be bothered to take off but if someone wants them they can have them for 120 quid plus P&P.

Not skyline parts I know but I figured this would be the most appropriate section for them, if it's not my apologies :)

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