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a little help please :)

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well everyone as you will know i lunched my gearbox AGAIN at kemble and as its only 6 months old it should be repaired free however i read in banzai about a company that cryogenically freezes car parts but my searching is crap so does anyone know who they are or can point me in the correct direction for it please :):)
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Speak to Jae bud, I think he had most of his car done by the time he sold it ;)
I've heard about this, if you find out post it up as i was looking a while ago but didn't find much

Cheers :D
there is one in cambridge will se if i can find link
lol nice pun.

There is a company in NZ doing it. Rhys McGreggor (spelling??) had his old R33 GTR done... That thing was bad ass!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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