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1990 Nissan A31 Cefiro.
This was my drift car, I had a lot of fun this year but I want to go further & this is too good to strip out and fit cages and stuff.


RB20DET engine (same as skyline R32 gtst)
HKS GT2510 rollerbearing turbo
Adjustable actuator
stainless exhaust
performance filter
custom mapped
fully adjustable coilovers and pillowball mounts (camber, height,rebound adjustment)
Adjustable rear arms
strut brace
aftermarket lsd
17" rays alloys
spin turn button (disables the handbrake ratchet)
alloy gearknob
recaro drivers bucket seat

Bad points

front n/s wing has been repaired. Not perfect, but still ok
drivers door is a bit low (drops when opened)
small rip in dash (see photos
wheels have been painted white (not the best job)
clutch bearing makes a noise (clutch slips atm, but I'll fit a new one prior to sale)

This car has plenty of power for going sideways, it's also very smooth and easy to control. At the moment it's got loads of camber for track use, but I can adjust it for road use if needed. I can also supply a set of 4 16" wheels for drifting for an extra £100.

£4500 o.n.o.

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I think about 300. The best bit isn't the peak power, it's got really good midrange and no sudden boost which is handy for drifting.

Talking of drifting - some pics of the car in action:

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