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Hi guys,

Just a quick introduction from me, to tell you about our company and the team.

We are Competition Clutch and we are based in Leeds. Competition Clutch is over 20 years old and was originally set up in the America. It has quickly become one of the largest performance clutch companies in the world and last year (2012) Competition Clutch sold more performance clutches to Honda tuners than any other performance after market clutch supplier.

Originally Competition Clutch was managed by a UK sales rep, then through a distribution warehouse. After discovering the British / European market requires a central distributor with the ability to deal directly with after sales care, warranty, promotion, sales and everything else that's required of a successful performance tuning company, the American arm of the business decided to set up a UK management team. Which effectively involves myself in sales and marketing, Mick in tech and Linda doing everything else in between.

We have been in the clutch industry for over 25 years between us and know everything there is to know about clutches. We have a workshop here where we supply clutches for every make and model of car so if you can't find the kit you need or just want some straight forward tech advice (on clutches) drop us a message below or PM and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Andy & The Competition Clutch Team
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