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Hi bells as you will know me I have the black r33 gtst with the constant idle problem.

Anyway after some advise the question I have is can I run the Z32 afm in the cold side of the intercooler pipping allowing me to use a 4" intake to my hx35 turbo?

If not could you cut the Z32 afm apart and mount the element in the 4"intake Pipe?

Been told to speak to my tuner so after your opinion really

Also Will be in touch shortly to have the map tweeted just fitted front facing plenum

Thanks paul

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Hi there,

Yes you can do either bit if you are going to put it on the cold side you need to make the intake pipework 80mm otherwise smaller will decrease the flow it will read.

The other option is as you are starting to get a bit more serious with your setup would be to fit a link ecu. Yes it is expensive but it will handle whatever you want to do with the car and you no longer have to worry about the AFM. We are looking to do a group buy soon which will make it a little cheaper.
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