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Aggresive Wheel Fitment

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Ok guys

this is a update, I started a thread not to long ago asking about the 265/35/18 tyres that I had just had fitted in place of the 245/35/18, and i'm now having rubbing issues.

So instead of having to modify the arches slightly.... iv'e gone mad and bought a set of Work Kai-CR wheels 18 x 10.5 et+18 with 285/30/18's on

so now i'm sure I need arch mods *insert evil smiley*

Just after opinions (Please disregard the awful looking bodywork as iv'e had some cosmetic surgery done to the sills) i have my Trust side-skirts to go back on.

But before I heavily mod the rear arches and go +25 front wings, do yo think they look alright? as a replacement for the Rota GTR's?


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Down to personal taste, so really you're the only one who can say. I prefer wider spokes over narrow ones (depending on design).

I would take Work wheels over Rota's in general though.
I also prefer the work wheels over rota's. I have 17' rotas on my gtr and i don't like them.
Yeah i get that its personal taste, and i do like the Rota GTR's but they have been done loads now.

and I always fancied having something totally wacky. i just need to make my mind up on how to widen the rear, i don't want to go down the 400r arch route, but i'm not sure about trying to imitate a GTR either.

glad its not my daily so i don't have to rush.

i need an extra 23mm on the front and 32mm on the rear (according to my *** packet maths)

Thanks for the input people :) enjoying sharing the experience.
Work's over rota's any day. Looks mint!

Yeah I had to flare my guards quite a bit on the rear of my R33 to fit 17x9 +16 LMGT2's with 245/40R17s so I bet you setup will take some work haha

I didn't wanna make a GTR rep or get 400r guards, so flaring is the only other option really!

Needs some slight panel and paint and will look mint I reckon.

DSC09211 by danedser, on Flickr

Could probably fit an extra inch under there tbh.
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My plan for wider arches is to stick on 6boost / autoextreme's full rear quarters - adds an extra 35mm on the back but not everyone likes FRP body panels.
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