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Right, not sure if this should be in this section or the other so I posted it to both. I have decided to sell my entire stereo system from the skyline to fund something else (not drugs). This is what I've got..........

JVC KDG???? head unit with remote control
2000w amp (will get make & full spec later)
Large power cap with a digital readout thingy on the top
10" Pioneer coneless boxed sub

I'm not big on ICE installs so can't really put it into proper technical terms! But all the relevant leads come with it and look like good quality ones with gold connectors etc. This sale includes the all the fabricated mdf boards and mountings needed to fit snugly in the boot of a 33.

Would prefer collection as I imagine this little lot weighs quite a bit and I wouldn't want to bankrupt you with postage costs!

I will take some pictures this afternoon when the car comes back. :cheers:
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