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Its been re-designed for 2014 and it looks great. Now taking pre-orders to get your 2019 FIA dated all new Sparco Sprints delivered for the new year.

Don’t miss out as these will sell out fast. Contact us to get your pre-order in and look forward to being one of the first in the UK to get this seat.

All new SParco Sprint 2014 model available here:

So what’s the difference?
Well seeing as its been a very popular seat and the tight proportions have been loved by all making it a a Motorsport seat which will fit into most makes and models so they have kept that the same.

The main difference is the design and cover which has been brought in line with the rest of the models in the range using the same font and logo on the backrest as the Sparco Evo, Pro 2000 and Corsa.

Affordable Motorsport seating:
The Sparco Sprint is still affordable at just £165.00 a seat and still looks great so we can’t recommend this seat enough.

Any questions?
Contact us and we will be happy to help get your orders in!

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