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All new RACEWEAR and equipment

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New Safety Equipment:
O.k so we have been known for being specialists with seating, harnesses, roll cage and safety equipment and its time to provide you with some more safety products.
We are now focusing our services to encapsulate the safety of the driver and passengers (s) so as well as Motorsport seats and harnesses we'll be retailing all Racewear including well known brands including Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars and many more.

Stock levels:
We are working with 4 major hubs and suppliers to ensure that we have fantastic levels of stock with popular items ready for dispatch
Any questions simply contact us.

We won't be beaten on pricing, so our websites prices will be more than competitive just like our current racing seats, harnesses and roll cages!

What we'll be supplying?
  • Race suits
    Racing helmets
    Race gloves
    Race boots
    Nomex underwear
    Kit Bags
    Full Motorsport packages

Our website is under going its new upgrades and products which can be found here:
Racewear, helmets, gloves, suits and boots - GSM Sport Seats

We are adding items daily so either check back regularly or drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.
If you have any questions please contact us.
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Racewear packages are now on-line.
We have brought you our first package perfect for those just starting out
The Sparco novice package including 1 race suit, 1 set of gloves and 1 set of match boots!

Check it out here for just £465.60 including delivery
Now online!

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