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Hey guys,

I got an American Akita from a guy i know. He was living a room and handn't seen the outside for 3 months he is only 6-7 months old.

There is no way i can keep him he needs to be with someone most of the time and being out at work isnt going to work. I have him with me for the moment until i can find him a home.

He is a lovely boy good with my 3 year old daughter, good on a lead (first time on sunday!) very happy and playful. He is going to be upto 66kg (11 stone for you oldies).

If anyone knows anyone who would like to offer him a home or know someone that might be interested drop me a PM.

I love dogs and this one is great but it would not be fair on him to stay with me as i can't give him the time he needs.

So more info, pics etc etcd drop me a PM.

P.S He is just outside oxford atm


1 - 6 of 6 Posts