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Hi Everyone.

My name is Chris and my company is CDF Racing.

We are a precision engineering company in Rochester Kent. We manufacture after market car parts using latest cnc technology.

The company has been in business for 5 years now, I brought a Subaru impreza back in 2004 and basically started taking parts from it and looked how I could make them lighter stronger and of course better .

Before I started the company, I worked for another engineering company for ten years that only made timing pulleys and gears so that is what my company in mainly know for.

I am currently in the market for a R34 Gt to start doing the same with :D

This is us guys!

CDF Racing Ltd
unit 12 Rochester trade park
maidstone road
me1 3qy

01634 817255
[email protected]

Inside the workshop

Upstairs showroom

And just a handful of our parts :D

subaru anti lift kit

Evo stock size lightweight pulley

Subaru front and rear droplink set

Nissan pulsar lightweight pulley kit

Subaru impreza lightweight pulley kit

Ford cosworth rear droplinks

Ford cosworth side skirt clips

Subaru rear tow hooks

custom wheel spacers

Evo cam pulleys

engineering parts

Cosworth timing pulleys

Subaru timing pulleys

Our current project - monster brake calipers

Thanks for reading...... take it easy on me guys !

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Custom wheel spacers - talk to me!

We retail these for £200 per set of four BUT we do the for £160 inc vat for members discount.

This price is for any four spacers , 15mm -45mm thick , any pcd so you can convert your pcd say from 100pcd the the car to suit 115 pcd wheel sizes

Price also include 12.9 high tensile studs and zinc plated nuts :)

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Brake calipers - Interested
Pulleys - interested if you can colour them purple :D
Tow hook - yes please :D

Brake calipers - work in process, we have tons of developing work to do with these yet , will most likely be next year before we can think about selling them.

Pulleys, we can get done any colour. We haven't made them for skylines yet, but I do have quite a few stock pulleys at work that I can sort through and find out what we have

Tow hooks, wouldn't be a problem to make - just need a car to test fit them on :D

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i would say your prob the only trader on here that has all that kit in house.

well done :)

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Welcome Chris i know you from passionford

Lads this company make excellent products and there service is second to none ! good lick here Chtis

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Welcome aboard!

Do you have anything for the skyline yet?

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Welcome along guys. Those parts are awesome can't wait until you start churning out some skyline bits. If you need a test pilot for the brakes give me a shout lol.

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can you not find another forum to trade on? I can see my wallet being empty again with shinny stuuf like that been flashed around!

Welcome along mate, guess i will be seeing you soon!

O and get a R34 GTR!

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I will be in the market for some rods very soon, can you do them ?
We can supply them yes, not make them

Welcome to the site Chris... Do you need a Dealer in the USA on
Yes sure, will need to get a few products for skylines under our belts first though

Hi and welcome Chris!!!

Can you please PM me your email address.

Very interested in doing business with you buddy.


pm coming mate
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