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Heres a little thread about my car. I bought this car in the end of summer 09' and will make some small mods here and there.
Hope my english will be good enough for you guys :)

Mods by former owner:

Nismo Oil Pump
Water Pump
Clutch Spec
Trust/Greddy Downpipe
Autobahn88 decat
Exhaust (unknown brand)
Apexi Induction kit

Mods so far:

Styling, Top secret front and sides. Trial rear.
FMIC Japspeed D1 kit
Instruments, oil pressure, oil temp and turbo press.
Tein Lowering Springs
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Cobra Daytona seats
Oil Catch
RSP stage 1 chip
HKS EVC-S Boost Controller
Walbro Fuel Pump
D1 Splitfire Coilpacks
Japspeed Exhaust Elbow
Japspeed D1 FMIC
Japspeed Radiator
Japspeed 2x10" El. Fans
Apexi Headgasket 86mm - 1,5mm
GReddy Timing Belt
Conceptua Manifold studs
Conceptua Turbolines
Conceptua Manifold gasket
Conceptua Head Studs
Driftworks Toe Rods
Driftworks Tension Rods
Driftworks Upper Camber Arms front
Driftworks Hicas Eliminator Kit
Driftworks C-Collars Rear
Driftworks Traction Rods Rear
Driftworks Camber Arms Rear
Driftworks Braided Clutch Line
KYB Dampers Front & Rear

more things will be added...

Heres a pic of it before my mods started...


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I dont have any pictures from when I mounted the bodykit but I have some of it after and how it looks like now.

Friend of mine that owns the s14a on the right...


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So here's the first job for the winter, its kinda cold inside the barn/workshop
-7c same on the outside :)


Old vs. New.

Its plug & play, just using the mounts thats already there.

Should be at the right place there I think.

First pipe fits the hole into the enginebay

Last picture from todays work, my feet started to get cold...


At home playing with myself!!!
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Thanks, its the Top Secret front from EPRacing.

Will finish the ic when it gets a little warmer here. -10 is to cold for me and its getting colder :mad:

nice bumper there mate, was the fit any good? just wondering because ive heard horror stories about shite fitting kits.

-10 outside lol, you must have big balls to work in that!!!:funny:

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Made a quick stop at the barn today to finish up the FMIC. You'll understand why I didn't stay at the barn too long further down this thread....

FMIC done. Must say that this kit is brilliant, thanks to Japspeed. Now I just have to wait 2 months to see how it works.

Outside the barn, looks cold...

It is cold, where are you global warming?

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New update from Norway.

Have started to freshen up the boot, making new interior and find a way to fit the amp...

Using FatMat to improve sound, hopefully :)

Here's where the amp is going to sit, made a little shelf for it

Glued some fabric on the plate and fitted the amplifier, DLS CA12.
Not going to have a extreme soundsystem in this car, just want a bit more punch than original.

Old and boring interior...

Working on the new ones

Final result of the interior in the boot, subwoofer will be hooked up later.

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More parts coming in, thanks to Evolution Foundry for the shiny bits and Nengun for the HKS ssqv 3 BOV.

Will get more parts from EFL later and are now looking for some lowering springs...

From EFL...

From Nengun

Polished pipe...

HKS bov installed, hope that I wont get enginestall :eek:

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Update: Installing lowering springs

Tein S-Tech Springs from Amber Performance

Here's the package from Amber Performance:)

Started to remove the rear dampers first, thought maybe they would be very hard to remove but no. Former owner had coilovers on this car so the bolts had been loosen a bit before.

Rear damper, my painter hasn't covered the dampers while spraying the car :(

Damper removed, upgrade for the next winter is to change all of struts and bars all over.

Rear dampers...

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Thanks, just some minor plans here and there...

Install some instruments, oil temp, oil press and turbo press.
Change oil on diff, gearbox and engine
Japspeed shortshifter
Engine bling bling
Either Sparco Torino seats or Cobra Misano (pair)
Fit the frontbumper, have to cut it because of the FMIC
Install some indicators to the frontbumper... and reg. plate
And hook up the subwoofer

During summer I will probably get some new wheels and maybe a radiator.

This winter is sooo looong, I want to take it for a spin NOW

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nice project mate and love the 14a

see i cant afford a skyline and a s14a so i had to make do with fittin the rb25det into my 14a lol

good luck with the project. ill be keepin a eye on this :bigthumb:
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