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just wondering what sort of bhp my engine would be going to get it rolling roaded soon but cant yet as ive broke my leg lol,
hks cams 264inlet 264exhaust and pulleys
hks forged pistons
forged rods
lightened and balanced crank
r34 steel turbos
hks eldows
hks downpipes
full hks exhaust and de cat
720cc injectors
tomei fuel pump
greedy plugs
apexi management with de jet
apexi boost controller
exceedy twin plate and lightened flywheel
1.2mm hks head gasket
hks half hard pipe kit
hi boost set at 1.45bar
low set at 1.00bar
light head work (polished and ported)
looking to uprate my manifold and turbos soon want a tubular one with decent sized turbo to take around 650bhp max @ the flywheel, anyone got any ideas??? thanks rich.

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check this mate......

this is the spec for a single turbo'd 610bhp one ive just sold.....
this was run at 1.4 bar which gave 610bhp, and capable of 2bar which would be around 700bhp

Engine: RB25

Trust 87mm Pistons

Trust Rods

RB26 Crank Lighten & balanced

N1 water pump

Nismo Bearings

Greddy Oil pump

RSP high lift inlet camshaft

RSP high lift Exhaust camshaft

RSP bigger Inlet/Exhaust valves

RSP modified head + Polished & ported

Q45 throttle body

Turbonetics Turbo

RSP oil/water feeds

RSP custom alloy pipe work

Greddy 3 row intercooler

Greddy 1.6mm Steel head gasket

Greddy stainless steel Top mount manifold

Greddy Downpipe

Greddy type R wastegate

Greddy 100mm Drag exhaust system

Greddy Type R BOV

Greddy 13 row oil cooler with relocation filter

Greddy inlet plenum

Bosch fuel pump

Nismo in-tank fuel pump

Nismo 740cc Injectors

Nismo Thermostat

RSP induction kit

AEM ecu

AEM 5 bar map sensor

Greddy Profec B boost controller

O,S Gilken triple plate clutch

this is my white gts now, at 1.7 bar it should be between 650-700 bhp

Engine :-RB26 TWIN TURBO

JE 87mm Pistons
Eagle Steel Rod Set
1.2mm RSP Steel Headgasket
N1 Oil Pump
N1 Water Pump
Trust Sump Extension
RSP Modified GTR Sump (2wd)
Tomei Cam and adjustable pulley set
RSP Turbo Manifolds
Tomei Turbo Elbows
Garrett GT2860-5 Turbos
Full Engine Balance
Nismo 280lph Fuel Pump
HKS 1000cc Injectors
Greddy Fuel Rail
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
RSP Washer Bottle/Catch Tank
RSP 4" Intercooler
RSP Custom Intercooler pipe kit
Greddy Intake Pipe Kit
Tial Blow Off Valve
Colour Coded Cam Covers

Transmision :-

OS Giken tripple plate clutch
Nismo Short Shift

Electrical :-

AEM Engine managment with 5 bar mapsensor, Launch control and traction control enabled
Greddy Profec B Boost Controler
Greddy Remote Boost Switch

i hope that helps bud....:D
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