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Hi folks, i have offered work on Ammba's R34 .
There is constant problems with his car, non of garages would say definite answer or do proper diagnostic.
Attitude in garages is awful, cant see those businesses going further.

Any way, i am kind of ish retired mechanic ... not age wise, just a bit tired form all that messy / greasy cars, but thankfully this forum, we have friendship with Ammba :cheers: , so i decided give him a hand to diagnose and fix problems with his car.

Dont dare say TDP would solve problem.... i think they would(id rather send Ammba down there), but they keep away from taking him to garage(number months) , number trips to wicklow proved that there is no way conduct business with them.

So looking for somebody , who is breaking a R34 , '00 ish, 2.5 non turbo NEO, we might would be after some parts.

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