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Seems strange bringing it in through France ?? I would want to know why they went to the trouble of bringing it into the UK and then not bothering to SVA test it or register it here.
Have you been to look at it and ask these questions ? also if you say it has been up on ebay before was it sold because that would worry me even more.
And the ABS problem could be an expensive can of worms.

One more thing, the car is in Bedfordshire and last time i looked that wasn't near any sea ports so probably isn't an import company selling it

If you take a look ask the questions and let us know what you uncover.

Good luck.

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well ive done a few kit cars in my time and im familiar with sva tests and i took it that the car wouldn't go through the sva as the abs didn't work.
as for them bringing it all the way here and not fixing it to get it through the sva well i must admit it does throw up some big question marks for me.
i haven't asked the seller any questions yet as from past experience ebay sellers aren't know for their honesty but from their feedback they look like a breakers but if this is just an abs fault what would be a rough maximum cost ?

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Regarding the ABS problem ask the owner if the car ever goes into limp mode when driven. It could be something simple like the wrong size tyres front to back which could be the problem.

If you go see it ask the owner if you can do a self diagnostics test on the car and make a note of any fault codes it may throw out. This should give you an idea of any problems the car may have. The ABS problem will need to be tested by nissan as they will need to plug into the brake ecu which wont show on the test below.
Its quiet easy to do just follow the instructions below;

It is very important to get the timing right or it wont work, you may need a few goes at it.

Take a pen and paper in the car with you.

Turn ignition on, wait 3 seconds (just to on but dont crank/start the car)

2) Push fully and release the gas pedal 5 times within 5 seconds (timing important and make sure you floor the gas pedal and fully release it each time)
3) Wait 7 secs, then fully push gas pedal and hold for 10 seconds until the engine light starts to blink on the dash.
4) Release gas pedal (you are in diagnostic test mode 2)

If you dont get it to work first time turn it fully off remove the key for 1 minute then begin again. It took me about 5 attempts to get it working.

The engine block will now flash a series of 4 numbers (ie 2 flashes means number 2 etc) with a short pause in between. Count the four series of flashes for the code. BTW 10 flashes is number 0.
So if you start with 10 flashes pause 2 flashes pause 4 flashes pause 6 flashes your code will be 0246.

Here are a list of faults which may help you.

P0000 No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated
P0011 Intake Valve Timing Control
P0021 Intake Valve Timing Control
P0031 O2 Sensor Heather
P0032 O2 Sensor Heather
P0037 O2 Sensor Heather
P0038 O2 Sensor Heather
P0043 O2 Sensor Heather
P0044 O2 Sensor Heather
P0051 O2 Sensor Heather
P0052 O2 Sensor Heather
P0057 O2 Sensor Heather
P0058 O2 Sensor Heather
P0100 MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor
P0101 MAF Sensor
P0102 MAF Sensor
P0103 MAF Sensor
P0105 Absolute Pressure Sensor
P0107 Absolute Pressure Sensor
P0108 Absolute Pressure Sensor
P0110 IAT (Intake Air Temperature) Sensor
P0112 IAT Sensor
P0113 IAT Sensor
P0115 ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) Sensor
P0117 ECT Sensor
P0118 ECT Sensor
P0120 TP (Throttle Position) Sensor
P0121 TP Sensor
P0122 TP Sensor
P0123 TP Sensor
P0125 ECT Sensor
P0127 Intake Air Temperature Sensor
P0128 Thermostat Function
P0130 Closed Loop, Bank 1 Or Front O2S, Bank 1
P0131 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 1 Lean Shift Monitoring
P0132 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 1 Rich Shift Monitoring
P0133 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 1 Response Monitoring
P0134 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 1 High Voltage
P0135 Front HO2S Heater, Bank 1
P0136 Rear O2S, Bank 1
P0137 Rear O2S, Bank 1 Minimum Voltage Monitoring
P0138 Rear O2S, Bank 1 Maximum Voltage Monitoring
P0139 Rear O2S, Bank 1 Response Monitoring
P0140 Rear O2S, Bank 1 High Voltage
P0141 Rear H02S Heater, Bank 1
P0144 O2 Sensor Heather
P0150 Closed Loop, Bank 2 Or Front O2S, Bank 2
P0151 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 2 Lean Shift Monitoring
P0152 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 2 Rich Shift Monitoring
P0153 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 2 Response Monitoring
P0154 Front O2 Sensor, Bank 2 High Voltage
P0155 Front HO2S Heater, Bank 2
P0156 Rear H02S Sensor, LH Bank
P0157 Rear O2S, Bank 2
P0158 Rear O2S, Bank 2
P0159 Rear O2S, Bank 2
P0160 Rear O2S, Bank 2
P0161 Rear H02S Heater, LH Bank Or Bank 2
P0171 Fuel System Lean, Bank 1
P0172 Fuel System Rich, Bank 1
P0174 Fuel System Lean, Bank 2
P0175 Fuel System Rich, Bank 2
P0180 Tank Fuel Temp Sensor
P0182 Fuel Tank Temperature Sensor
P0183 Fuel Tank Temperature Sensor
P0217 Engine Coolant High Temperature Enrichment Protection
P0221 Throttle Position Sensor
P0222 Throttle Position Sensor
P0223 Throttle Position Sensor
P0226 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
P0227 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
P0228 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
P0245 Supercharger Bypass Valve Control Solenoid Valve
P0300 Random Misfire
P0301–*P0308 Misfire, Cylinder No. 1–8
P0325 Knock Sensor, Bank 1
P0327 Knock Sensor
P0328 Knock Sensor
P0330 Knock Sensor, Bank 2
P0335 CKP (Crank Shaft Position) Sensor
P0340 CMP (Cam Shaft Position) Sensor (Phase)
P0345 CMP Sensor (Phase)
P0350 Ignition Signal
P0400 EGR System
P0402 EGRC/BPT Valve
P0403 EGR Volume Control Valve Circuit
P0405 EGR Temperature Sensor
P0406 EGR Temperature Sensor
P0420 TW (Two-Way) Catalyst System, Bank 1
P0430 TW Catalyst System, Bank 2
P0440 EVAP Small Leak
P0441 EVAP Control System Purge Flow Monitor
P0442 EVAP Control System
P0443 Purge Control/V & S/V
P0444 EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve
P0445 EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve
P0447 EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve
P0450 EVAP Pressure Sensor
P0451 EVAP System Pressure Sensor
P0452 EVAP System Pressure Sensor
P0453 EVAP System Pressure Sensor
P0455 EVAP Control System
P0456 EVAP Control System
P0460 Fuel Level Sensor Unit (Slow)
P0461 Fuel Level Sensor Function
P0462 Fuel Level Sensor
P0463 Fuel Level Sensor
P0464 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit
P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor
P0505 IACV/AAC Valve
P0506 Idle Speed Control System
P0507 Idle Speed Control System
P0510 Closed TP Sensor
P0550 Power Steering Pressure Sensor
P0600 A/T Comm Line
P0650 Malfunction Indicator Lamp
P0705 PNP Or Inhibitor Switch
P0710 ATF Temp Sensor
P0720 VSS A/T
P0725 Engine Speed Signal
P0731 A/T 1ST Signal
P0732 A/T 2ND Signal
P0733 A/T 3RD Signal
P0734 A/T 4TH Signal Or TCC
P0740 TCC SV Solenoid
P0744 A/T TCC Signal
P0745 Line Pressure S/V
P0750 Shift Solenoid/V A
P0755 Shift Solenoid/V B
P1031 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Meter
P1032 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Meter
P1065 ECM Power Supply Heater
P1102 Mass Air Flow Sensor Function Heater
P1103 MAP Sensor Heater
P1104 MAP Sensor Heater
P1105 MAP/BARO Switch SOL/V
P1108 MAP Sensor Heater
P1110 Intake Valve Timing Control, LH Bank
P1111 Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve
P1119 Radiator Temperature Sensor Circuit
P1120 TP Sensor 2
P1121 Electronic Throttle Control Actuator
P1122 Electronic Throttle Control Actuator
P1124 Throttle Control Motor Relay
P1125 Tandem TP Sensor
P1126 Throttle Control Motor Relay
P1128 Throttle Control Motor
P1130 Swirl Control Valve Control Solenoid Valve
P1131 Swirl Control Solenoid Valve
P1132 Swirl Control Valve
P1135 Intake Valve Timing Control, RH Bank 2
P1136 Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve
P1137 Swirl Control Valve Position Sensor
P1138 Swirl Control Valve
P1140 Intake Valve Timing Control Position Sensor, LH Bank 1
P1143 Heated O2 Sensor 1
P1144 Heated O2 Sensor 1
P1145 Intake Valve Timing Control Position Sensor, RH Bank 2
P1146 Heated O2 Sensor 2
P1147 Heated O2 Sensor 2
P1148 Closed Loop, Bank 1
P1163 Heated O2 Sensor 1
P1164 Heated O2 Sensor 1
P1165 Swirl Control Valve Control Vacuum Check Switch
P1166 Heated O2 Sensor 2
P1167 Heated O2 Sensor 2
P1168 Closed Loop, Bank 2
P1169 Heated O2 Sensor 3
P1170 Heated O2 Sensor 3
P1210 Traction Control Signal Circuit
P1211 ABS/TCS Control Unit
P1212 ABS/TCS Communication Line
P1217 Engine Coolant Temperature
P1220 FPCM
P1221 Throttle Actuator Circuit
P1222 Temperature Sensor Circuit
P1223 Throttle Position Sensor 2
P1224 Throttle Position Sensor 2
P1225 Closed Throttle Position Learning
P1226 Closed Throttle Position Learning
P1227 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2
P1228 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2
P1229 Sensor Power Supply
P1271 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1272 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1273 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1274 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1276 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1278 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1279 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor 1
P1320 Ignition Signal, Primary
P1335 CKP Sensor (Ref)
P1336 CKP Sensor (POS) Cog
P1400 EGRC Solenoid/V
P1401 EGR Temp Sensor
P1402 EGR System
P1440 EVAP Small Leak
P1441 VC/V Bypass/V
P1443 Canister Control Vacuum Check Switch
P1444 Purge Volume Control/V
P1445 Purge Volume Control/V
P1446 Vent Control Valve
P1447 EVAP Purge Flow
P1448 Vent Control Valve
P1456 EVAP Control System
P1464 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Ground Signal
P1480 Fan Control Solenoid Valve Circuit
P1490 VC/V Bypass/V
P1491 VC Cut/V Bypass/V
P1492 Purge Control/V S/V
P1493 Purge Control/V & S/V
P1564 ASCD Steering Switch
P1568 ICC (Intelligent Cruise Control)
P1572 ASCD (Automatic Sped Control Device) Brake Switch
P1574 ASCD Vehicle Speed Sensor
P1605 A/T Diag Comm Line
P1610 NATS Malfunction
P1611 NATS Malfunction
P1612 NATS Malfunction
P1613 NATS Malfunction
P1614 NATS Malfunction
P1615 NATS Malfunction
P1705 TP Sensor A/T
P1706 PNP Switch
P1720 Vehicle Speed Sensor- A/T Output
P1760 Overrun Clutch S/V
P1775 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve
P1776 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve
P1780 Shift Change Signal
P1800 VIAS Control Solenoid Valve
P1805 Brake switch
P1900 Cooling Fan
P2122 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
P2123 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
P2127 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2
P2128 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2
P2135 Throttle Position Sensor
P2138 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor


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what a list G35brit. Hope you were able to copy and paste it all. hate to think how long it would take to type. especially with the 1 finger method.
Ha ha, the beauty of cut and paste.

This diagnostics test and the codes have been around for a while now so i copied it from one of the first posts i made when joining this site. Previous to posting here i belonged to a couple of U.S forums where i found out about it.

Nissan have been charging anything from £90 to £200 to plug their fault reader into our cars ECU which gives the same results.

When keith gets back from the maldives i will get him to put it up as a sticky in our section.

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Just had a look at that link - showing winning bid for car as £4200......I wonder if someone got the bargain of the century or not.....also, I see that it only has 4500km on the odometer .......thats not a lot of distance for a car thats nearly 6 years old.........

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Just had a look at that link - showing winning bid for car as £4200......I wonder if someone got the bargain of the century or not.....also, I see that it only has 4500km on the odometer .......thats not a lot of distance for a car thats nearly 6 years old.........
Agree nothing adds up with this car (but stranger things have happened i supose)

One of the bidders (not the winner) upt his own bid from 3k to 4k for no obvious reason ??? very strange.

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Oh, G35: thanks for that list.

This may seem like a stupid question, but is it prudent to carry out that diagnostic randomly just to make sure there are no errors hiding anywhere, or will the car make it clear that it needs the disgnostic run?

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Just had a look at that link - showing winning bid for car as £4200......I wonder if someone got the bargain of the century or not.....also, I see that it only has 4500km on the odometer .......thats not a lot of distance for a car thats nearly 6 years old.........
I have been watching this one as well. If you look back you may notice it has sold twice before. I am sure this is the 3rd time, so not sure if it it owner bidding it up and not reaching what he wants.

would be interesting to see if it goes on again in a few weeks.

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Oh, G35: thanks for that list.

This may seem like a stupid question, but is it prudent to carry out that diagnostic randomly just to make sure there are no errors hiding anywhere, or will the car make it clear that it needs the disgnostic run?
If there is any faults the management light will come on anyway . Just make sure the light comes on during start up for a short while as there are scum out there that would remove the bulb from the dash when selling on if a fault was showing up.
Otherwise no point in doing the test really.


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HI g35brit

Hi, I just joined the site today. I was having problems with my 350GT. and started a search.
I have a 350GT premium 4door, with paddle shift. went like a rocket when i brought it, and after getting a flat battery a year ago,it didnt seem to run as well, eg like a rocket of the mark, or under quick acceleration,, Must admit i could still easily have it run out the speedometer and no idea how fast im going anymore with still HP and rpm under the hood to spare ( and a earache from my wife about my adolesence as my 14 yold son excitely telling his Mum each time we come home) . well been overseas for a month, came back and had a flat battery upon return. after a battery recharge it was running really rough, so after reading your easy info, and another website with a few extra things to do ,, (relating to USA Altima settings ) seem the same.
I am overjoyed after spending many attempts at getting the timming right to activate the programe this evening, over an hour, and no money to the local dealership.
The Car now is running very smoothly ,and i cant wait to go out tommorrow and excitely try it out on the expressway . It is great to be nearly 60 and still feel like a boy in a family car. ( I had a new 180BSSS and a new 240Z when i was in my late teens/early 20s, and the early 70s everybody looked at me driving these amazing cars. now i still feel the same and get the same looks, But as many posts ive scince read. I love my current 4 door 35ogt the best, a real comfortable pocket rocket .
A big thank you for your easy ,helpfull advise .
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