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Cos I am thinking of selling mine. I woulda put this in the private:for sale section, but it seems to have become parts for sale, so I reckon this doesn't qualify.

Maybe I am being obseqious, but hey...

Its a Sony Vaio PCG-FR102 model, with the RAM upgraded to 512 MB DDR.
30GB hard drive,
3 USB 2 ports
1 Firewire
2 pcmcia
10/100 ethernet port
Modem built in (56K)
AMD athlon XP2200+M CPU
15" LCD
Nvidia Geforce 4 420 Go graphics.
Onboard sound by I dunno who cos I use an SB extigy.

Batter had NEVER been used so its not been degraded or anything.

If I get a decent offer then I may be convinced to part with it, cos I am skint just now.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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