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After a year of intense development, work, failures, massive highs and massive lows we rounded the EDC series off nicely with a 4th place result :bigthumb:

We might have done better but Tim snapped BOTH driveshafts attempting a victory burnout in the pit straight after winning the 1/4 finals.

After a moment of how the fcuk do you change a driveshaft moment (Im no mechanic) we all got stuck in regardless. Kev started legging it over to the main pits to see if he could beg or borrow a pair of shafts whilst the rest of us started ripping into the back end of the car on the basis that if we undid enough bolts then the shafts had to fall off at some point!

Maz the commentator let the crowd know what what happening at which point the guys at Western dug out a pair of shafts and Greg and Raef started legging it over to the pits to muck in. At the same time James from Drift Works came over with a pair of shafts to help dig us out of a hole.

Kev met up with the Western guys and came legging it back to the car shortly after just to find that James had already sorted us out. The Western guys then jumped straight in with helping with the swap and Abbey pitched in with various tools. All told we had the old shafts out and new ones in within 13 minutes. Brett Castle (Times competitor in the semi) did his best to give as much time as possible by developing a strange problem in the line giving us another 4 minutes or so

Although we missed our spot in the semis we still managed to get the car back together and rolling in time to run against Phil in the fight for 3rd and 4th.

Awesome piece of repair work under pressure by all involved and we wouldnt have mananged it without all the help we got so thanks to all concerned, it was hugely appreciated.

A GTR rear end is now on its was to us to try to ensure Tim doesnt manage to snap any more shafts! :D

We are now working hard on the Skyline to get it ready for the last round of Time Attack on September 2nd at Brands Hatch. Time Attack usually runs at the same time as the EDC at the same venue but theyve split the competitions for the last round so we get a chance to try our chances in a different type of event :)

The cars currently too soft for traction, it moves around too much. We are stiffening it up and dropping it on its arse. To avoid screwing up the roll centres we currently fitting taller ball joints to the front and rear lower arms.

Ive just had a set of assister springs and adapters land on my desk to allow us to run a load of droop to reduce damper travel as we dont need the tyres smacking into the arches if we can help it plus we need to keep the inside tyre in contact with the tarmac.

Ive also got a R33 GTR rear end on its way to try to stop Tim from snapping any more driveshafts. I dont think we will be able to get a decent track orientated LSD through in time so will probably stick with the original R33 plated diff but with increased preload. Theres only one tight corner at Brands so fingers crossed the increased preload and additional droop will retain enough traction on the inside wheel to prevent us losing too much drive on that one corner.

We are pulling the gearbox back out and replacing the original selector rod with a much stronger solid item. We will also remove the block preventing the box from selcting 5th or reverse as we will need 5th. We will increase the spring tension on the level self centering and also fit a short shifter. The dog box is superb for fast shifts but 2nd to 3rd is a little tricky for full bore ultra fast clutchless shifts, its a real possibility to hit 5th instead of 3rd so anything we can do to make the change more accurate will be a bonus.

We are going to strip the doors of all gubbings to remove as much weight as possible.

We have ordered another front bumper to do aero mods to, we want to try to generate some front downforce if at all possible. Im also looking at a BGW to help sort the rear.

The whole car is getting realigned for pure track use.

Finally Im hoping to stick the car on race fuel to gain another 50bhp or so.

Should be intereresting to see how the car fairs. Tims more than upto the job, we will see if I can manage to get the car upto a respectable track orientated level in just over a week!

Raef from SVA and Greg from Western legging it over with spare drive shafts:



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