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We have just fitted a new engine to our Skyline. Its now running with:


Tomei pistons
Tomei conrods
Tomei Poncams
Tomei valve springs
Ported head
Trust head gasket
GT35 turbo based on Greddy TD06 manifold and external wastegate
Greddy plenum
Q45 throttle body
Nismo engine mounts
Motec M800 management
Nismo 740 injectors
Nismo fuel pump
Nismo FPR
K&N filter
Apex exhaust system
Denso IK24s


Apex powersteering cooler
Apex 34 row oil cooler
Greddy radiator
Greddy intercooler


OS Giken twin plate clutch
Ikeya Formula sequential shifter
Kaaz 2 way LSD
Nismo gearbox mount
PPG 5 gear straight cut dog box


KSport 356mm 8 pot front brakes with DS3000
KSport 356mm 6 pot rear brakes with KSport race pads
KSport hydraulic handbrake
Brake bias valve


Apex Gen2 coilovers
KSport anti bump steer rod ends
KSport tc arms
KSport camber arms
Tein steering rods
Apex front lower inner arm bushes
Apex rear lower inner arm bushes
Apex rear camber hub bushes
Apex rear traction hub bushes
Apex steering rack mounts
Apex traction arms
Apex Hicas removal
Apex subframe locking collars
Whiteline front and rear arbs


KSport seats
KSport harness
KSport quick release
Sparco 345 steering wheel
AIM digital dash
Performance & Protection roll cage
Electronic battery cut off
Plumbed in fire extinguisher system


18x9 Rota Torque Drift rims
265x35x18 and 235x40x18 Toyo R888 tyres
Nismo side skirts
Nismo chin spoiler

Its not running huge power, just over 500bhp, but its very responsive, runs a perfectly flat torque curve from just over 3k right upto nearly 8k! Perfectly flat torque line, beautiful bit of mapping by Gary @ AP-Tuning.

We are struggling to raise peak power and think that we need higher duration and lift cams but they arent available without going for a solid lifter conversion. It will make for superb track power :)



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Looks great Bren....

At least shes ready for more power now.......... Thumbs up...

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Thats one gorgeous spec, i bet it is awesome on track!!!!

you say your struggling to raise peak power?? woldnt of thought that would be a problem on that spec, what boost are you running?

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Theres some footage of the car on track with its previous engine here:

Its now running a chunk more power than before though :)

We tried raising boost but found that although boost would go up in the midrange it would tail off at the top end. We checked the exhaust for back pressure but it was fine so then checked the manifold and again, the pressure was acceptable. It looks like the cams are the restrictive parts but, as I say, without running a solid lifter conversion we cant go higher than Tomei Poncams :( Wed also lose the VVT with higher durantion and lift.

In the end Gary just wound up the duty cycle at the top end to produce steady boost throughout the rev range and a fabulously flat torque curve. Its running 1.8bar. I dont have power and torque figures as the car was spinning up 265x35x18 Toyo R888 track tyres and after a while just overheated them until the surface looked like wet tar!

I need to take it back down for a power run with fresh rubber :)

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At your level of tuning the hydraulic lifters become the limiting factor, your gonna need to go to solid lifters and it'll release loads of power.

As for getting the best power run on the rolling road, we found with kieths 600+bhp monsters its best to let the tyres down to 10-12psi strap it down v-tight then reblow the tyres back up to 50psi.

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I'm no engine/tuning expert but was speaking to keith and its something to do with the hydrualic lifters and oil pressure and vavle bounce.... if you speak to keith or richard at rising sun the can explain better, keiths old grey car (now owned by deathwish) made very very good power at low boost levels ok it had a massive turbo but they found with the solid lifters much better, boost doesnt drop off plus you can rev a lot higher.


Trust 87mm Pistons

Trust Rods

RB26 Crank Lighten & balanced

N1 water pump

Nismo Bearings

Greddy Oil pump

RSP high lift inlet camshaft

RSP high lift Exhaust camshaft

RSP bigger Inlet/Exhaust valves

RSP modified head + Polished & ported

Q45 throttle body

Turbonetics Turbo

RSP oil/water feeds

RSP custom alloy pipe work

Greddy 3 row intercooler

Greddy 1.6mm Steel head gasket

Greddy stainless steel Top mount manifold

Greddy Downpipe

Greddy type R wastegate

Greddy 100mm Drag exhaust system

Greddy Type R BOV

Greddy 13 row oil cooler with relocation filter

Greddy inlet plenum

Bosch fuel pump

Nismo in-tank fuel pump

Nismo 740cc Injectors

Nismo Thermostat

RSP induction kit

AEM ecu

AEM 5 bar map sensor

Greddy Profec B boost controller

O,S Gilken triple plate clutch

608bhp @1.4bar

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We dont get any bounce or hydraulic locking at the moment and have run upto 8300rpm :)

I really dont fancy losing the VVT as although Ive not tried running without in the RB I do know that its very effective in improving midrange on the SR20 as fitted to the S14s :) That means no solid lifter conversion :(

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We dont get any bounce or hydraulic locking at the moment and have run upto 8300rpm :)
Thats cool then, would be good to see power figures and graphs with new turbo

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hi bren my grey gts was running 610bhp and has run over 700, but im certain it didnt have a cam angle sensor, plus the exhaust manifold was changed to aid flow mate..along with solid lifters
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