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We have run a test set of Apex Version 1 coilovers on our Skyline. Its done no miles on them, just one drift event at Teeside and one Corporate event for a track company.

I just wanted to try them out. Im very impressed with their performance so theyve done their job and someone can now get a bargain. :)

These are made by the same company whos been producing the 200SX coilovers for us for the past number of years. Theyre very nice quality units with a cracking low damper failure rate. Height adjustable, damping adjustable, spring platform adjustable. A very nice piece of kit :) Weve sold many hundreds of the 200SX versions and are just starting to widen the market slightly, including the Skylines. We arent going to carry a full range of Apex units (KSport caters for the full market) but we will start to carry stock for select vehicles including 200SXs, Skyline, Pulsars, Scoobys and Evos.

I havent got a pic of the Skylines ones to hand but these are the S14 inverted version:



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