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Apexi cam shafts info needed.

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Looking for some info on a set of apexi cams fitted to a spec1 rb25det.
Both cams are fitted with adjustable cam pulleys.
The inlet cam has "LN2" ,"94" and "20-14" stamped on it. The lift measures 8.9mm.
The exhaust cam has "LN2" ,"87" and "20-14" stamped on it. The lift measures 8.9mm.

Found some info here
but the numbers dont match so cant find out what duration they are.

Would be great full for any help :cheers:
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They would be RB20DET camshafts
The only rb25det camshafts apexi produced were for the VCT RB25DET which has one threaded hole for the VCT camgear bolt, One locating dowel and one hole locating dowel, I know Because I have a set of VCT RB25DET camshafts which were fitted to an series 2 RB25DET engine that i brought and ran in another car of mine
They only made one lift size in RB25DET which is 8.9mm but made from 250 degree in and ex up to 280 degree in and ex
They did make RB20DET camshafts aswell with were the same 8.9mm and also ranged from the 250 degree to 280 degree both in and ex for each degree
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