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good evenin' all...
just want to post this question before i go out ...cos i wont be able to type it when i come home:D
if i have an A'pexi FC which gives a ignition timing position amongst other readings...can i set the position of the Crank Angle Sensor using the A'pexi and if so what is the reading when idling....
cheers for the replies


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Hi M8

On the GTR i believe the PFC base timing is set at 20 degrees.

This assumes that the timimg is set to 20 degrees the PFC has no way of knowing whether this is correct or not.

Mapping and changing the ignition timing after will all be relevant to what the CAS is set to. So if you are mapping it yourself either ensure the CAS is set correctly and / or mark the CAS and cover so you know it is in the right place.

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