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apexi induction kit

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Hiya just wondering how much these are for an r33 gtst and do you have them in stock just now?
thanks john
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im an idiot i forgot i couldve just went on the website to find out :iamwithstupid:

ordered tonight :eek:
Hi John,
Sorry you didnt get a response to this query.

The office has been closed this week and I have not been checking in on emails or forums. But online orders have been processed as normal and i can confirm that your induction kit was shipped today using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Thanks very much for your order.
Kind Regards
hiya vicky
thats ok i should have realised i could have done it that way thanks for replying :)
How was the cheescake? :grinno:
Cheesecake is always good. My life is permanent yoyo of cheesecake and dieting. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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