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Ive had this on here before but didnt have any pictures up so here's some.....

theres no holes or leaks, slight bends in the fins in some spaces but there is no leaks or damage, I havent got the jubilee clips but all joining hoses are there, it fits in the standard intercooler piping as well so no major mods are required to fit. its a straight forward bolt on job and is an excellent intercooler, the only reason i changed it was because i bought a new bumper and it didnt fill the mouth so changed it purely for the look of the car.

ive lowered the price as well to £200 from £250 as its taking up space and some new engine mods are required!!!

I'd prefer cash collection or a meeting halfway, im based 15mins from J13 on the m1,

if cash collection is not possible ive had the weight checked and delivery is £25 - 1/2 days or £25 - 4/5 days according to royal mail

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