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Is there a Rep for Scarborough? and how do you become one?
MARKPRIOR or Mandyn is yr reps bud

whos the rep for dublin 1, sorry i know every one is asking!!!Was at a meet out in blanch the other night, was fun!!x
mick-skyline is the moderator/rep for you mate

Is there any US reps. Specificly tx. Reps
we did have 2 guys but they havent been on here for a while so we are looking for a rep?

Is there any posibility that it will be a Nordic area/section (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)?
Ola our rep sold his car and now we are looking for a rep in your Area?

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Hey there all!

Being quite new to the site i am saddened to see that there is no representation from anyone in Canada and to see that for the most part i think we have been lumped into the USA clssification. No disrespect to our southern neighbors intended, but outside of sharing the same continent we are quiet different (we have the french too, hahaha please edit this if its of bad humor) i dont mean any disrespect to that side of our country either.

This is only an observation and i do not have the time to dedicate to the amount of dedication that it takes to be on this site or i would most definately be interested in it.

I am on this site for the purpose of finding information for my ex-wifes sisters son who just recently bought himself a 1991 Skyline, HAHHAA after working on it a bit and driving it i must abmit i am definately considering picking one uo for myself and starting a project of my own.

Its because of sites like this one that enthusiasts can share and exchange thier knowledge!!!

Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!!!

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I've taken over North Yorkshire and Teesside guys. Eager to get some meets going and runs to the big shows

will also be focusing heavily on BDC stuff!
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