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As some of you know we have a ASNU Injector cleaning and servicing machine and this post is to show you some of what is involved when your injectors are serviced by ourselves.

Here we have a set of RC Injectors which arrived for cleaning and testing

Now we have to mount them into the fuel rail ready for testing

All mounted and connected on the ASNU machine

After a leak test and impedance test the injectors now have there spray pattern checked before cleaning. This program is running them from 600rpm upto 10000rpm at various injector duty`s.
Spray Check
Now we carry out a flow test. This is done at 3bar of pressure and for a set period of time depending on the injector size.

Now we remove the internal filters ready for cleaning. These are pressed into the top of the injector on topfeed injectors.

This is then Pulled out with a special tool

The injectors are then put into a Ultrasonic bath and pulsed which aids in cleaning.

Once this has finished on a 30 min program we replace the filters. We do not have the filters fitted while cleaning as this allows for any dirt to be back purged out of the top.

We then repeat the initial tests and spray checks and carry out another flow test. As you can see there is not a massive difference on these injectors but they are now alot more even in flow.

As you can see they are all mostly at 65cc but due to the injector size/test tube capacity this was tested over 5 seconds. We then times this by 12 as there are 12 5 seconds in a minute which gives us the injector size in the more standard cc/min which equates to 780cc.

Once finished we produce a flow report for before and after then fit new o-rings etc before numbering each injector and packing for return.

We carry out this service for only £12 a injector. If you have have a odd missfire that you cant fix or maybe a engine failure its always worth checking the injectors to be sure they are working as they should.

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These are my injectors and I just want to say that the service I received was excellent. The courier took their time to deliver them when I tracked it online, but Bells had them ready to come back to me in less than 24 hours and at a bargain price (I honestly couldn't believe the total cost when they quoted me so I had to double check).
They phoned me when they were done, I paid on the phone and they were on their way back the same day.
Honestly couldn't be happier with the whole process so many thanks to Bells :)
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