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Attempting to Rebuild an RB25DET

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Any help would be much appreciated.

I have owned my car for nearly 2 years now about 9 months ago my turbo blew so i took this as an opportunity to upgrade the top end.

Orignially a m8 of mine was going to conduct the work however he had to close his garage and is still looking for new premises and i dont know when he is going to re open for business.

So i have taken this as an oppotunity to get involved with my car and to get my car back on the road before the summer!

Parts which are going on the car

HKS 550cc Injectors
HKS Adj Pulleys
Tomie Pon Cams
Cometic 1.2mm Metal HG
ARP Head Studs
Conceptua Uprated Exhust Studs
Conceptua Locking Head Nuts
Uprated turbo of some sort not yet decided due to selling / swaping my current turbo kit for something a bit more responsive to give me roughly 330bhp ATW

I have never attempted to do anything like this before ive done the odd oil change and change of disks and pads etc but nothing of is nature.

What i would like to know is any tips and especially what the most difficult parts of this rebuild are going to be so that i dont F*** It up basically.


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well standard parts wil give you 340 bhp mate and you can get the standard turbo rebuilt for around 440 bhp.
is that at the Fly or the Wheels because at the moment im on 280bhp at the wheels and i think 320 at the Fly
do u have all the tools u need to do the job?
and what turbo manifold do u have?
im not sure mate but standard will get you there im sure of it. :)
What i cant borrow i will buy as i will be able to re use the tools so im not to fussed about that.

Turbo and manifold is still undecided if i sell my turbo kit i will get a turbo techniques direct replacement.

If i end up swapping it looks like its going to be for a top mount Greddy Td06 20G.

I know if i end up going the top mount way i could get very stuck with broken exhaust bolts!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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