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put this web page into babel some of the translations!


Skyline R34 GT - equipment clean the inside and outside R V specifications! Vehicle inspection attachment! The safe car ^ ^
2000 type margin 6 fast 52000km vehicle inspection March of 17
The 34GT - the Vsp of R it entered, ^ ^ this car of the highest quality it is absolutely good bargain ^ ^ as for travelling a little overplentiful, but completely there is no problem, ^ ^ coming to seeing, please rides, also test drive welcome ^ ^

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Skyline R33 GT - R V specifications ƒjƒXƒ‚ƒtƒ‹ƒGƒAƒ? latter-term xenon!
1997 type bull M 5 fast 30000km vehicle inspection April of 16
The GT of the latter-term xenon - it is R. Furthermore it is the bay side blue of the 34GT-R with the ƒjƒXƒ‚ƒtƒ‹ƒGƒAƒ?. It increases as the ƒpƒŠƒb! Furthermore it is the instrument panel navigation system of the ƒjƒXƒ‚.

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Skyline 2600 GT - R ƒ”ƒFƒCƒ‹ƒTƒCƒh F bumper
2 year type vehicle inspection it is not the cancer/gun M 5 fast travelling 89000km
Bu - the 32GT of the strike UP - it is R, it is good, is.

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Skyline 2600 GTR woman ƒ?ƒ“ƒI - ƒi -
2 year type vehicle inspection it is not the cancer/gun M 5 fast muffler - the air chestnut
The front ƒI - the ƒi - the ƒ?ƒ“ƒI - the ƒi - is the 32GTR with the woman, system satisfactory and test drive the OK

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Skyline 2000 GTS - 4
5 year type vehicle inspection February of 16 cancer/gun M AT travelling 80000km
32 last types, test drive OK

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Skyline R32 GT - R ƒjƒXƒ‚ specification
1990 type silver 5 speed? 36000km vehicle inspection March of 16
The 32GTR of the silver of ƒjƒXƒ‚ specification it entered, ^ ^ being decided at ƒpƒi 17 inch, it increases, ^ ^ it meaning that also test drive is possible please come to seeing ^ ^

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Skyline R32 GT - R APEX turbine 500ps specification
1990 type cancer/gun M 5 speed? 50000km vehicle inspection it is
The 32GT where the turbine of exactly good size enters - R entered, if you step on ^ ^ the town riding or not to become completely pain, being finished in the engine which answers to that, it increases, ^ ^ both wrapping interior being clean, the system satisfactory! It meaning that also test drive is possible, it comes by all means, the store.

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Skyline R33 GT - R beauty car in method of seriously considering recommendation ^ ^
1995 type margin 5 speed? 45000km vehicle inspection November of 16
One unit which you recommend in method of seriously considering ^ ^ being attached, just something where also the ‚é part is good.

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Skyline R32 GT - R ƒ‰ƒCƒgƒ`ƒ…?[ƒ“
1990 type cancer/gun M 5 fast 81000km vehicle inspection it is
GT-R this price! Either state is not bad, is! Please testdrive by all means.

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Skyline R33 GT - R HKS ƒ^?[ƒrƒ“ƒ`ƒ…?[ƒ“!
1996 type silver 5 fast 60000km vehicle inspection July of 17
HKS GT ƒ^?[ƒrƒ“ƒ`ƒ…?[ƒ“! The engine is normal, but other than the engine the hand has almost entered. Also tuning cost roughly 400 ten thousand! It is the GT-R of ‚Ä condition.
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