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Thinking of selling my gts-t i am the only owner in the ( except the importer who registered it but that doesn't really count.)

New car and nagging wife forcing sale

MOT Till nov 07 tax until 31/10/07

Body work respray in Bayside blue carried out in japan
GTR front end
Veilside skirts and rear spoiler
16" sparco alloys with Bridgestone tyres
Gtr front seats.
Rear roll cage.
Drilled discs front and rear with 4 pot calipers ( believed to be from a 300zx)
Blistien coilovers ( not adjustable)
A pillar mounted boost and oil temp gauge

Engine rb20 turbo running 285bhp at the wheels with graphs to prove @0.9 bar
Front mount intercooler
Arc alloy radiator
Trust induction
Turbo elbow
3" straight through exhaust with 5" Do-Luck back box ( de cat)
Blitz blow off valve
Os Giken triple plate clutch and flywheel.
Bee-r rev limiter.
Boost controller .7 low .9 high.
Now the turbo is believed to be an uprated standard turbo with steel internals but i have never stripped it to check hence only .9 bar boost.

The Bad bits, Not many really for a 15 year old car
Some t ***er keyed the bonnet managed to polish the worst out but you can still see some of it.
Stone chips to the front bumper, and a few scuffs ( speed ramps)
Small crack to the passenger side skirt.
Passenger seat has a small tear.

now i have owned this car for 2 years and it has never let me down, it has always been warmed up and cooled down properly
Oil and filter changed every 3000 miles
Car is showing 104000 on the clock 90000km and the rest in miles so around 70000 miles total.
I have run this car a few times on the strip 15.2 at best but i always drive it like a tart so my wife says ( last runs were on a full tank of petrol with 2x 12 subs in the boot so it is easily capable of 14 sec runs)

Now onto the price
Looking for around £4250 with a respray to the bonnet and bumper and 1 full years mot.

Or if someone wants to take it for around £ 3750 as is.
I will get some pics of this car up tonight when i get home. But it is the one in my avatar and hopefully the one in the link below

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the guy who was interested in this was let doen by his buyer bloody ebay:swear:
so bump to the top

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Hi nice car,
I am considering coming back to Skylines after a couple of years layoff.
May well be interested but have 3 cars already
BMW 850 Ci 5 litre V12
Bmw 735 Alpina 5.7 litre V8
Mazda Eunos Roadster (MX5) worked by Mazdaspeed team

I would have to get rid of the Mazda to make room,would your missus be interested? May help to stop nagging!!!

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im in maidstone in kent

as for p/x (i might be intersted in p/x the wife: for something younger:D )
but car wise she wants a stagea

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Ive just sold my car (taken a deposit),the guy is picking it up next weekend so if you still have it by then I will give you a call.


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