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I'm in no rush to sell so take your time to mull it over as I love my GTT to bits. However I am in the market for an R34 GTR and will eventually need the funds.

So if your in the market for a minted well loved GTT drop me a PM or e-mail and we can have a chat.


Beautiful Sparkling Pewter Silver
1999 "S" plate
49,000 miles
Last Service by Rod Bell
Immaculate inside
Nice Body kit, factory fitted (I think)
All the security devices any Insurance company could ever want
Tiptronic gearbox with thumb shifts on the steering wheel
BIMTA Mileage verified
BIMTA Ownership verified

Light Mods - All Paperwork for mods, all completed by reputable companies

Bigger Downpipe
HKS Induction Kit
Irridium Plugs

How much? All this Skyline for only GBP13,995, that’s Mondeo money surely !!!!!



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Its a deal, its a steal, its sale of the f*&king century*

I figured out how to put pics on the web so here is a link to two pics.

I also forgot to mention she comes with a Denon Headunit and 6 disc changer, not to mention the uprated Pheonix speakers I had fitted by those expert chaps at Voodoo Sounds.

Its a deal, its a steal, its sale of the f*&king century*

Dont buy her just yet, parting will be sad.


*Full credit for class line to Guy Richie, cheers Guy if you read this. If you or Madge want a motor drop me a line or let me know at dinner on Sunday.

Gets Blown by Twins :D
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I'm fairly sure Andy has sold this now and has his GTR......................Lucky Bugger :D
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