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Best Skyline R34 Quick Release, Steering Wheel, & Hub Options?

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Hey guys, I'm still fairly new to this forgive me if someone post a thread regarding such already (Please link me so I can close this one)

I'm completely new to the removable steering concept. Good for anti theft in the USA and the stock steering wheel is extremely ugly IMO. I wanted to ask what are some Quick release steering wheel kits out there that would be better options for hi quality, no slop, a horn function, and closest to OEM distance to the driver? I notice many people just put pieces from different brands together. Are they all universally compatible when made for a R34?

I was thinking about the Sparco Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel, Works Bell quick release, Splash short hub.
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Gold Drift works one is nice but bearings rattle id you have stiff mounts for some it would be annoying but functions perfect and easy to use
I use a generic 3 spoke wheel from ebay,no worse than £200 designer wheels bolted to a D1 Spec quick release boss.Its on and off almost every day and is still as good as the day i bought it.
I've got a slim NRG quick release hub. Small, smart and very stable.

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Great I'll look into these options. Do you guys have any pics?
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