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Big problem needing a quick fix

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Hi guys,

I've got a big problem and need to get it sorted asap.
I've got two R32 GTST, my white one is my daily driver and the black one is going to be my track car.

The problem is this, the white one is acting up and I've been told it is the head gasket so it is an engine out and rebuild job.
So will I've been looking into my options for this I decided to take the white car off the road and use the black car.
Only thing is today while driving home on the motorway the clutch decided to die. So now I have two R32's parked up out side and I'm not really able to drive either one and I need a car for getting to work each day.

What shops on here can supply clutches?
What clutches would you recommend for a RB20 with under 300bhp?
How much do they cost?
Do I need to replace the flywheel as well?
DriftWorks says I do-{16}508{4}62{6}586

So please, while I'm reading through all the store threads and searching ebay I figured someone on here might have some advice for me.

Any help regard the work needed on either car would be greatly appreciated.

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a standard clutch would be fine for your car and no you dont need to replace the flywheel mate :)
Right, its just on the driftworks website shop they say the warrenty is void on the clutch kit if you don't fit a new flywheel at the same time.

"Optional Driftworks Chromoly Flywheel.
Special kit price when bought with a Driftworks lightweight chromoly flywheel.
Standard Nissan flywheels are well known to warp. Even if it looks fine, there is a very high chance that it is warped and will damage or significantly reduce the life of any clutch kit. For this reason a new flywheel must be used when installing this clutch kit or the warantee is void. It doesn't have to be our own flywheel, but we do ask for proof of purchase if there is warantee claim."
personally i say bollocks as i have fitted a few clutches to skylines without replacing the flywheel and guess what NOT one has had any problems,there is nothing special about our cars so why do you need to replace the flywheel on a nissan but not any other car when doing a clutch change?????
It is advised to change, or reskim the flywheel due to heatspots though...
It is advised to change, or reskim the flywheel due to heatspots though...
i dont doubt that mate but to say it needs changed is bollocks
i agree until you get the box out you will not know the condition of the flywheel but in my experiance on any car is that it would be salvagable
Cool, so I should hold off ordering it and keep the £296.30 for buying other fun bits.
Its worth upgrading to a lightened flywheel in my opinion if you have the £££.

What are the advantages?

I was planning on replacing the clutch in my white car while the engine is out for the head gasket work but if I've to replace the flywheel as well in both cars that is going to get expensive and really piss on my plans for buying other more fun parts.
Try some Steel seal in it
Sorry bout the video as the guy is a real dick but it is good stuff
1) how would that help a clutch
2) I wouldn't put that sh1t down the drain, let alone anywhere near my car!
If you want a warranty you'll have to get the flywheel.
If not don't complain if there's a problem.
ya dont need to remove the engine to do a headgasket for an RB20 iv done mine without pulling out the lump.what about a gtr clutch
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