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R33 GTS-T :-)
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Hello all,

Don't like asking this as its been asked loads of times before, :bash:

Been searching for flat spot problems for the past few days, but nearly every topic/post I find the cars have different mods and different problems and lots of different answers? I'm a bit new to the RB25det engine so don't want to cause any damage to it :rolleyes:

Basically I have a flat spot that happens at round 5000rpm, up to 5k its fine, and if I push through the 5k rev range it eventually gets going,(Sometimes it goes fine all the way through the rev range?) My cars the R33 GTS-T, its got the Splitfire coil packs, brand new NGK Bpr7iex plugs fitted yesterday, Apexi intake, standard downpipe, decat and a 3" unknown exhaust system fitted with the standard 2 stage boost and standard smic? So pretty standard really :eek7:

Read quite a bit so going to re-gap the plugs to 0.8 and clean the AFM in the morning/Sunday, to see if this helps?

Question 1? My car seems to stink of fuel on start up and is terrible for drinking fuel,(over fuelling ??) get quite a bit of backfire even if I give it a rev when stationary, What else would you guys recommend after I've cleaned the AFM and re-gapped the plugs if this doesn't sort it? I will also try the ecu reset to see if this helps?

Question 2? While the cars running like it is, will it do any damage if I carry on using it?? cant afford a remap at the moment, but if needs be then I'll have to sell some body parts to fund it :bigthumb:

Thanks for any help, and apologies again for asking something that's been asked quite a few times before (I have searched hard honest) :rolleyes:
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