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Bit of help needed...

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Hi there has anyone ever wired one of these up? If so could do with some help and advice so I can wire this one up, many thanks Mick.

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I do Im afraid Topcat :) saves having loads of different gauges to be looking at
I haven't but I would say you're going to have to tap into your ecu to pick up the RPM, power/illumination take offs from the ignition circuit, one from the oil sender unit and one from the boost.
Cheers guys, by the way its going into a 32, topcat was that for the rpm mate? And carbon thanks matey :)
All of it. RPM signal, +12v, Ground and illumination. Whatever your left with are signal in's for the rest of the gauges. Simples. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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