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I have an R33 (I think) it's the 2.5 turbo with the little contoured spoiler on the back. In Black, auto gearbox. 80k miles, Had it for just over 3 yrs and no problems except I've just lost my licence (BUGGER!)

Spares or repairs! Needs a new windscreen and 2 tyres for an MOT.

Any sensible offer considered, I'm guessing it's worth around the £2k mark as it stands. Or if anyone knows of dealers who may be interested?

It looks like a lot of you are from around Reading so you may have seen it about. Will post a pic soon anyway.

Message me in here or email [email protected] have a look at tattooman's car he's selling, it's the same model with the standard wheels tho (think they are from the sx2000)
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