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blue 4 point Sabelt harness - pair

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taking these out of the car as I want to get FIA approved harness. They are in very good condition and come with padded shoulder pads for better comfort.

just like this but in blue -

£60 plus P&P


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They're two inch, right?
yes, sorry should have stated that :) they are great for trackdays, sprints etc..:)
Thought yours had the twisty buckle last time?
no, just like the one above :)
you mean eyebolts? suppose I could throw in the ones I have.
got a pic of the belts, only one set of pads though -


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£50. collection and I'll chuck in 6 music cd's?
go on then, you twisted my arm lol :)
This rate might as well just swap cars :D You up for that?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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