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1989 G Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Import
Blue, Automatic 2+2

75,000 KM's, (so 40k something miles!)
The car has been regularly maintained, has plenty of paper work. Including loads of japanese and original auction sheets and photos.

New gearbox less than 5000 miles ago, costing £1800.

Tax till November 07, MOT May 08

The car has a few mods:

17" alloys (I dont know what make/model, sorry)
HKS muffler/backbox
Turbo Timer
Private plate

It does purr like a kitten, the exhaust sounds good, and I know the owner of the car personally and she has spent alot of money on it keeping it on the road. I also know the car personally and can vouch for it, the turbos are very healthy, and I can tell the car has never been played with. The targas also dont leak (which is common), and all electrics work.

its not getting driven at all and would let it go for just 2000.... Thats a healthy low mileage 280bhp+ twin turbo car for 2000, bit of a steal!

PM me if you're interested!
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