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bonnet moulds

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Guys im down scaling Japsalon and have 4 bonnet moulds for sale

GTR34 Topsecret
32GTR J-tune
33GTR topsecret
33GTS/T J-tune
GTR33 J-Tune

these moulds have top and bottom sections, many of you have had these bonnets over the years and they are all good for loads more pulls out of them

I might be selling some of the other mouldings too so if there are any questions ask away

i have each bonnet mould available for £500 each .... I will split them if need be

call or pm me if there are any questions you need to ask


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Any chips or imperfections form heat around the corners?
No my moulds are sound Mr Top cat :) I cool cure them any way they dont get hot
also have GTR J tune with nismo lip too

Cheers Gaz
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