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Hi Peeps,

I have been thinking about my fuel pump... (too much time on my hands maby..)

My profecB should be delivered today, I was thinkin should I upgrade the fuel pump as my next mod? (planning on running 9 to 10psi boost)

what is the std gts fuel pump good for?
£70-80 for a Walbro 255lpr fuel pump, is this a good option?
is it worth it with the std regulator? or would that need to be changed too?

My readings have found that there is a potential for the std fuel pump to not have the "beef" when it comes to high rev's with higher boost?

have had a bit of a search around, but not really found what im looking for,

Dazzler :cheers:

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Yeah, the std fuel pump isnt up too much if you wanna up the power. GTR pumps are a popular 1st stop as they can be bought 2nd hand for a resonable price (£50ish)

to be honest, it not worth scrimping on, cos if it does fall short its usually at full boost/revs and bye bye pistons :eek:
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